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Keynote Speaking

Eric is a seasoned expert in sex and pornography addiction recovery and does several select speaking engagements throughout the year. Topics are geared towards counseling professional, faith communities, parenting groups. If you're looking to infuse your event with authentic discussions and valuable perspectives, drop a message to Eric at for more details. Let's create an experience that resonates and sparks genuine connections.

The seeds of addiction take root in our lives and develop into a vicious cycle that is self perpetuating.  Learn how this process plays out in your life and the lives of those you care about and what to do to break free.  This step by step discussion will provide a clear understanding of how we fall into addictive patterns and how to break out of them in a way that is sustainable.

The Addictive System

Keynote #1

Rates of addiction have always escalated as technological innovations have made access to addictive materials more accessible. As a result addiction has become one of the most prevalent issues of our time.  This talk will cover the basics of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for those dealing with this issue as well as considerations for their partners and family systems.

Sex Addiction 101

Keynote #2

Navigating internet access for children and teens might be the most difficult area to know where to set boundaries.  This talk will make parents aware of different strategies and approaches to this complicated issue but more importantly will equip them with a mindset to equip their children to make healthy decisions as they learn how to navigate temptations and pitfalls online.

Navigating Internet Access and Pornography use

Keynote #3

The impact of infidelity and betrayal are not only devastating for marriages and families but often for the communities around them.  This talk will give communities a comprehensive understanding of what changes a betrayal forces on a family system and what is required for the restoration and reconciliation process to be successful.

Infidelity, Betrayal, and their Effects on Marriages and Families

Keynote #4

Throughout my time as a psychological professional I’ve found that the two most common barriers to change are a deep sense of shame and inferiority, as well as drive to control our environments.  This talk will provide a psychological understanding of how we hold ourselves back from making needed changes in our lives and how to harness the courage necessary to heal.

Shame and Control, two primary barriers to change

Keynote #5

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