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Facing the Shadow:
6 day recovery intensive
Quality of Presence
Intensive Workshop:

I've found that an intensive like Facing the Shadow is the best way to jump start your recovery from sex and pornography addiction.  Incorporating gold-standard resources in the field, you will come away from this workshop with:

  • An understanding your own unique addictive cycles and how to reverse them.

  • Reduce Shame around your addictive behavior.

  • Create a concrete recovery plan for long term recovery.

  • Understand underlying reasons behaind your addiction and gain direction on how to address them.

  • Build your recovery support system.

  • Gain direction on how to navigate crisis within your relationship.

This is workshop is designed to be efficient with both your time and financial resources.  Eric will collaborate with the support and resources you already have in place to come away with a Comprehensive aftercare plan for lasting recovery for both you and your relationship.

The Quality of Presence workshop is for those a little farther in their journey of recovery that are working to heal the betrayal trauma they have caused in their relationship.  This workshop is rooted Dr. Brene Brown's work on shame and vulerability and Dr. Marshal Rosenberg's Non Violent communication.  This two day workshop will help you:

  • Break free from self-judgement

  • Understand the complexity of human emotion and yourself and your partner

  • Feel empowered to successfully address probelms in your relationship

  • Feel and express empathy towards your partner

Addiction cripples our ability to connect with those we care about most.  This workshop has been specifically designed to address the damage caused by addiction in your relationship and give you the tools you need to effectively address problems as they arise.

Learning Empathy and Attunement
Skills to Rescue your relationship
and Connect to your Partner.

For more information, including dates and location, please contact Eric.




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