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Rehab Aftercare Therapy

Harnessing Momentum in Your Recovery/Addressing Underlying Issues

Rebuilding Relationships/Enhancing Your Recovery

I've seen first hand the change that can happen in one's life when they commit to inpatient treatment to address their addiction.  However, many who experience a major breakthrough while in treatment often have a challenge whether returning home or transitioning to sober living.  This is a critical time in one's recovery and one where there is a high risk for relapse.  Living in recovery changes all facets of life and there are many challenges in how to manage all of this. In addition, many of the underlying emotional and relationship issues can rise to the surface during this time.  All of this can often be overwhelming but there is hope.

Having experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings, I will help to continue the process you have already begin and help you on the next chapter of your journey in recovery.  Whether it is addressing underlying trauma or relationship issues, acclimating to sober life, or dealing with addictive craving, I can provide clear direction to effectively deal with challenges that arise in the next chapter of your recovery.

Building Momentum in Your Recovery

Navigating Relationship and Family Concerns

Sustaining Changes Made

If you would like more information on how I can help address whatever concerns you might have please feel free to contact me.  I offer a free 10 minute phone consultation prior to intake and would be happy to discuss with you how we can address whatever issues you are struggling with and effectively help you feel better.

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